New Jersey Tourist Attractions can go on and on as there is so much to explore when visiting New Jersey. A little advice to you is get up and get ready to hit the road and have fun in New Jersey. Every place you go in New Jersey will help you make lots of memories that will be imprinted on your minds forever.

New Jersey Tourist Attractions

New Jersey Tourist Attractions Sea Streak

Focusing attention towards the ferry lovers, Sea Streak is a private company that owns a number of ferries and all can carry 400 passengers. Sea streak has offered its services during the worst times when Sandy Hurricane hit the coast and it is one of the growing ferry services of the New Jersey.

Tourists are attracted towards it too and the 2-3 rounds they make consist of a lot of tourists aboard.

New Jersey Tourist Attractions doesn’t just have to be about the ocean and water but the hilly areas are also the New Jersey tourist attraction spots. The Appalachian train also known as Appalachian national science trail is the best place for hikers to visit and get some work out done. It is 3,500 km long. Trails give you the experience of all types of lifestyle, the wilderness, small towns and rivers passing through.

This trail is popular with all those peoples who are hiking freak and if you are one of them then it’s for you to grab your gear and get on the way to the adventure that will blow your minds away.

New Jersey Tourist Attractions

New Jersey Tourist Attractions Arts Center

One of the major New Jersey Tourist Attractions could be New Jersey performing arts center that has mesmerized the tourists over time and is still continuing to do this. The New Jersey performing arts center is a historical place that has received applaud from all the notable newspaper critiques and the people who visited it. The arts center is a beauty itself.

The architect Barton Myers who was chosen after a tough competition between the best designers designed NJ performing arts center as another city that will bring people towards itself and engulf them in its beauty and the artists who perform there have been known to be the best artists of their times and even now for you it’s open and if you visit the place the magic of the place and the performing arts will leave you breathless.

Fun New Jersey Attractions For Families

New Jersey Tourist Attractions Story Book Land

When you visit New Jersey Tourist Attractions with a family, one thing you should not make your kid to miss is the theme park of New Jersey they are worth visiting plus kids will enjoy them the most.

One of the most exciting theme parks is storybook land. The theme park was built in 1955 that encapsulates the innocence of storybook stories and the educational environment at a time. The story book land is sure to bring back the childhood memories from your past and will create the new and exciting memories for your child. The rides at the theme park are based on the fictional characters of the stories we all read in our childhood like; Tick-Tock Clock Drop, Beanstalk Bounce and many more.

The theme park has its festivals according to different seasons like summer also festive occasions like Christmas. Storybook land management has made sure that you enjoy your every visit to the park and get something new every time you and your child visit. We hope you enjoyed New Jersey Tourist Attractions guide.