You can get to a bunch of places if you did not know already from the New Jersey Transit Center. It is situated at the southernmost area in New Jersey. You can visit various parts of the city from New Jersey Transit center that allow you to visit from SEPTA to New York City and from Pennsylvania, Philadelphia to Amtrak station. This transit center has almost every facility of the World.

New Jersey Transit Center

New Jersey Transit Center

The River Line light rail, which is providing service to Camden with the Delaware River, is around the street. The services of bus at the station includes of local routes of New Jersey Transit Center it contains buses of Capital Connection, they are serving several parts of New Jersey Capitol Complex, and in close to the regional area to Philadelphia via Camden.

Every station is serving as the northern terminal for the buses from SEPTA to Oxford Valley Mall. Bus services like Greyhound are offering their services directly to the station which was already available but has been ceased off.

New Jersey Transit Center Directions

New Jersey Transit Center Train

The New Jersey Transit Center has two levels; the upper level which contains ticket machines, ticket offices, and two snack booths. After that level steps take you to the platforms of two islands for the trains. The platform of northbound island (Tracks 1 & 2) has a newsstand/snack kiosk. The renovation of around $56.6 million is still under way, which will contain an approximately around of a mezzanine level offering additional retail and office space. Air-conditioning, new lighting, escalators, information displays, and elevators possibly will also be installed. Construction will take almost two years to complete.

A person would love to make his visit and enjoy riding by their buses and trains. It is also known as the biggest in New Jersey.

You should have to visit it once if you are in the area and be sure to take one of the buses at the New Jersey Transit Center.