You can find a bunch of Boardwalk Hall Events in New Jersey. There are many things to attract people living outside the city; among them is Boardwalk Hall, formerly known as the Historic Atlantic City Conventional Hall. The foundation of this hall was laid in 1926 by the then mayor of New Jersey, Edward L. Bader and was completed in 1929 after his death. Its fame is due to the world’s largest musical instrument which is a pipe organ having 33,000 pipes. The Boardwalk Hall remains the primary conventional hall till 2007 when the new Atlantic City Conventional Center was built.

Boardwalk Hall Events

Boardwalk Hall Events

The Boardwalk Hall Events has served to host many events throughout its history. Its specialty is the sea side as it is located near the sea side of the Atlantic City, New Jersey. After its complete renovations and setup the hall has been giving quality entertainments to the people coming here. From the musical concerts to the hosting of football leagues it has provided its audience excellent entertainment. It is also a favorite tourism spot. Another achievement of Boardwalk is its inclusion in the National Historic Landmark of U.S.A in 1987.

Like every old building, it also got renovated several times. In 1998, the restoration process of about 3 year period started and when in 2001, the new building was unveiled, it took people’s breath because there were no Boardwalk Hall Events.

This renovation was given many awards including National Preservation Award 2003 and featured in magazines. In 2003 and 2004, it also was recognized by the Billboard Magazine as the top-grossing mid-sized arena.

Boardwalk Hall Events History

Boardwalk Hall Events Online

The number of seating in this hall is 14,770 for concerts, for indoor game like ice hockey the number is around 10,500. Lady Gaga, Madonna, The Beatles, The Rolling Stone have performed in the Boardwalk Hall and have honored it. The Miss America Pageant has used hosted the Boardwalk Hall Events from the opening till 2006.

A bunch of sports are played during the Boardwalk Hall Events so be sure to check it out.