Are you thinking about Visiting New Jersey? Awesome, there’s a bunch of people that are coming from all over the world that by New Jersey to visit (or rest stop) every now and then. We’ll go through the history and get you all familiar with the state itself and to tell you a little more than NJ Transit Center.

Visiting New Jersey Burlington

Visiting New Jersey

Back in the early years in human history (around the 1700s and 1800s) Burlington had flocks of people who just simply wanted to visit. You can even get on a tour bus with self guided audio tours. On the tour, you can learn a lot more about the history of Burlington and you might even be able to find a clue Blackbeard’s treasure.

Legend has it that Pirate captain Blackbeard buried his treasure under a walnut tree in Burlington, which may contain gold, rubies and all of that stuff.

Visiting New Jersey

Visiting New Jersey City

That’s just one place of New Jersey that we’ve just finished talking about, there’s so much more fun and adventurous things to do in the other areas of NJ as well. Another popular place you have to stumble on when Visiting New Jersey, is Trenton.

Trenton is the state capital and is known for hosting many things. The New Jersey World War II Memorial is located right across from the state house. When you arrive at the NJ Transit, be sure to pick up some activity guides so you can have fun.

Have fun when Visiting New Jersey.