NJ Transit Terrorist patrol keeps people safe. When you’re at a transit station, you often wonder the bad sides of things, like “What if a hijacker takes this thing crashes into something”. But at New Jersey Transit station, the citizens of the state got it all under control.

NJ Transit Terrorist Patrol

NJ Transit Terrorist

Safeguards were placed at bus stops and train stops. If you have been pulled over and had your bag checked, there’s no need to worry as explained by the safeguard. This is to ensure that the riders feel safe when traveling to places whether by train or bus.

NJ Transit Terrorist Event

NJ Transit Terrorist Patrol

NJ Transit Terrorist Patrol was made stronger by participating in the first nationwide BUSSAFE (counter terror and criminal deterrence), this event was designed to toughen up the security for all stations. Although some say that this is their everyday thing, they are now aware at how the security is going to strengthen their places as well.

“If you see something, say something” is the motto when you ride the bus. If you see anything suspicious on the bus let the driver know and you can text them at NJTP, you can also call the security hotline at 1-888-TIPS-NJT.

It’s good to know that we have a NJ Transit Terrorist patrol.