Wondering where to get NJ Transit Online Tickets? Now any passenger that is planning to use the New Jersey Transit system can buy tickets online. With this plan going underway, the processing system to do so will be active very soon.

NJ Transit Online Tickets

NJ Transit Online Tickets

New Jersey Transit is currently testing the online buying system to see if it can be added to other rail lines. Currently, customers can purchase NJ Transit Online Tickets to the Meadowlands Sports Complex from New York Penn Station. You are allowed to purchase up to eight round trip NJ Transit Online Tickets for this route.

NJ Transit Online Tickets Refunds

NJ Transit Online Tickets Price

Although this pilot program is currently in its beta testing mode, there is no specific refund policy. There’s no need to worry though, you can contact support for your refund if you decide to cancel your trip before the scheduled date.

Tickets cost $10.50 a piece to the Meadowlands Sports Complex from the NY Penn Station. You can catch your favorite team playing whether it’s Home or Away. When you order the NJ tickets online, you can select what event you’re planning to go to before you checkout, so you are positive that you’re going to go where you planned to.

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