Make sure you bring a NJ Transit Map when visiting. As you might know already, visitors of the New Jersey can get lost at the station if they don’t know exactly where they’re supposed to go. With a NJ Transit Map, you can go to places without worries.

NJ Transit Map Online

NJ Transit Map

You can simply look up the place you want to go online with your cell phone and you will get access to maps and more. The online method to getting a NJ Transit Map usually offers directions which features road routes and such. You can also purchase train tickets online through their New Jersey Transit system.

NJ Transit Map

NJ Transit Map Directions

Another method to obtaining a map is at the transit center. As you walk into the NJ Transit center, look for a stand or a wall mount with pamphlets in it. If you can’t find it and you don’t have a cell phone, you can go to the information desk and ask there. Just ask around if you can’t find anything, people with the blue shirts on bikes are usual the NJ patrol so be sure to ask them.

Be safe and grab yourself a NJ Transit Map today.