Looking for NJ Transit Jobs online? When it comes to job searching, a lot of people have a hard time getting hired because of the long waiting list. However there are places that will throw you an interview if you qualify or if you somehow catch the employers’ eyes.

NJ Transit Jobs

NJ Transit Jobs

The NJ Transit Jobs can be found in your local newspaper inside of the classified sections. Working at the transit will mean that you will have to provide safe, reliable and convenient transit service based off of your position. The transit in NJ is made up of 5,325 square miles and is the third largest provider of bus rail and light rail transit. The routes go to New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

NJ Transit Jobs Application

NJ Transit Jobs Position

On the NJ Transit Jobs application you will need to put down your basic information in the first section. On the next section, there will be questions asking if you or any of your relatives been employed by NJ Transit before. You can choose from a bunch of job positions from a bus operator all the way up to working as an architect and engineer. You will have the opportunity to put down 3 choices just in case your first selection doesn’t get picked.

Check your newspaper for NJ Transit Jobs.