Tired of waiting for the New Jersey Transit Bus? You can get a schedule at the transit center and kill time doing something else while you wait for the bus to come. Most people like to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes early because you never know if the bus driver will decide to complete his routes fast or slow.

New Jersey Transit Bus

New Jersey transit Bus

The New Jersey Transit Bus is very clean compared to the buses in the other states, It’s simply because the residents respectfully take care of it and not leave any trash or markings in there. If you’re visiting NJ be sure to pick up a schedule so you can know which routes to take so that you won’t get lost sightseeing.

New Jersey Transit Bus Station

New Jersey transit Bus Station

The New Jersey Transit Bus are also called transit centers and is the central hub of where all the drivers and mechanics go to work on the city buses. You can find drivers that go different routes at the New Jersey Transit Bus station and you can also pick up a guide for each route as well which is even a lot better than picking up an individual schedule.

Remember to keep the New Jersey Transit Bus clean.