Be on the lookout for construction at the Lincoln Tunnel. In order to make the roads safer and more efficient for the community, a special project has been marked underway.

Lincoln Tunnel Construction

Lincoln Tunnel Construction

This is an $88 million project that will require construction crews to fix the Lincoln Tunnel interior. They will be repaving the concrete and renew the steel panels and rods that had been sitting there for over 70 years.
If you’re driving your car at night, be sure to avoid going through the Lincoln Tunnel because the construction will be going on.

Lincoln Tunnel Hours of Operation

Lincoln Tunnel

Lincoln Tunnel will remain open even though they are fixing the place, but the eastbound lanes will be closed from 10:30pm until 5am on weekdays. If you’re catching the bus at the NJ Transit, you will face delays into New York City between 10:30pm and 5am on weekdays. On weekends the hours are 11pm and 8am.

People who are traveling at this time will experience significant delays due to a reduction in vehicular traffic capacity as buses must exit Route 495 eastbound at Pleasant Avenue and travel along local streets in Weehawken to access the inbound Lincoln Tunnel.

Construction on the Lincoln Tunnel begins Monday.